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Question about Episode 1 Question 1 (anticoagulant choices)

Question 1 briefly mentions the reversal of several anticoagulant drugs (warfarin, DOACs, etc). You mention andexanet alfa and PCC (prothrombin complex concentrates). Could you explain when each of these would be correct and why? Thanks! Love the content and the idea is cool, looking forward for more bombs.

Rapid Quiz #1 answers

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Question 8

In the podcast it says after 2IM epi, you start a drip- which is what I do in my practice as well. However, one of my Rosh or Peer9 questions said that after IM, you should try a bolus IV dose of 0.1mg in 10ml NS bag, followed by a drip if that doesn't work... any credebility in that?

Coaching summaries from Question 1 through 50!

Due to popular request, we have taking the coaching summaries and distilled them into one document. Make sure you're logged in to see the answer with all the summaries! We went through and cut the summaries down significantly so that they would be distilled down to key things you need to know.

Rapid Quiz #2 - Answers

1) ______________ related hypercalcemia is the leading cause of hypercalcemia in hospitalized patients. In addition to IV fluid boluses, with SEVERE hypercalcemia related to _______________, you need to give IV ________________ IMMEDIATELY. 2) Classically _____________[pick one, venous or arterial] hemorrhage accounts for 90% of bleeding from pelvic fractures, and _____________[pick one, venous or arterial] bleeding accounts for only 10%. Hemorrhage due to pelvic fracture remains a major cause of mortality and morbidity in trauma patients. 3) Wine and cheese toxicity from MAO inhibitors symptoms: temperature? Heart Rate? Blood pressure? Skin? Pupils? Mental status? Everyone knows high tyramine content foods (cheese, alcohol, dried meats) and MAO inhibitors don't mix, but do you know the overall toxidrome they present with?