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About EM Rapid Bombs - Emergency Medicine Board Review Question and Answer Podcast

Coaching. Interactive. Rapid Fire.   
  • > 380 episodes and growing every week
  • New episodes a week: Multiple podcasts a week that are 3 to 5 minutes long, with a question / answer format.  
  • 3 custom emails a week: Receive 3 emails a week with EM pearls.
  • Coaching: Each rapid bomb question has a coaching aspect that tells you the various ways boards will test you.  That's something you don't get with text based question banks.
  • Spaced Repetition: "Bolus" learning isn't the way to learn. By getting a steady diet of short podcasts almost daily, you'll retain knowledge much better.
  • Interactive: When you sign up for our podcast, you have access to our AMA section.
  • Rapid Fire: No banter. We have optimized this podcast. Don't waste time while you're in the car or at the gym. Sign up to give yourself a chance to learn like never before.
Brought to you by the Emergency Medicine Board Bombs team of Blake Briggs MD and Iltifat Husain MD -  both academic attending physicians who train residents and medical students at their respective medical centers. Our podcast has been featured in EM News and by ACEP multiple times. Check out our famous free study guides and our free interactive video Airway module.
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Q429- Which of these patients has a pacemaker problem?
Q428- Pacemaker basics
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Q426- Nonstop diarrhea?
Q425- Discharging Asthma patients
Q424 - Pregnant, confused, vomiting

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