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Pacemaker/ICD pocket infection

Hello, When you see patiënt with fever, after recent pacemaker placement. How do you diagnose and treat a pacemaker pocket infection? Can you aspirate the pocket? can you use Ultrasound,… what kind of antibiotics… Would love to have an episode about this topic


Recently i came a Cross Minoca and found it difficult to grasp it in Clinical context and pathophys. Would Love to Listen to an episode of How you guys encounter this in the ED Setting.

Post-tonsillectomy bleeding

Hello, I would love to have episode about this. Major is obvious referral to OR-ENT But what about minor, what can we do in the ED, can we risk stratify them? Are there differences between children en adult?

Atraumatic Neck Pain

1. Thanks for the Great Episode about Hypophosphatemia, really like the Pearl about Low specificity/diffuse nature of the Hypophosphatemia Symptoms but to know who you should suspect having this Electrolyte abnormality 2. i wanted to ask you if you could an Episode of atraumatic posterior neck Pain since it is a very Common complaint Thank you! Your Podcast is just amazing!


I would Love to Listen to a hypophosphatemia episode. Today i encountered a patient and was impressed how deleterious effects this elektrolyte imbalance can have. Wasnt tought in medschool Greetings