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Pacemaker/ICD pocket infection

Hello, When you see patiënt with fever, after recent pacemaker placement. How do you diagnose and treat a pacemaker pocket infection? Can you aspirate the pocket? can you use Ultrasound,… what kind of antibiotics… Would love to have an episode about this topic


Hi! I'm a new subscriber. I live in the Philippines. I really love your Rapid Bomb podcast. For the past 2 years we are being drilled with pre hospital care questions in our in service exam. Can you do some topics or high yield questions, or even study guides regarding PRE HOSPITAL CARE. Our training in EM residency here in the Philippines is purely Tintinalli based, other than our local guidelines. Thank you and more power to your podcast.


Does this podcast have opportunities for cme?

Malfunctioning pacemaker

In a non-hospital environment such as a cruise ship, how can I handle a situation where a patient has a malfunctioning pacemaker that is continuously firing and causing them pain? i hope you can make an episode regarding this topic. Thank you and more power to your podcast!